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What is "farmhouse" style anyway?

January always brings our market trip to Atlanta to see new trends in home design, inspiration for the new year and buying for our retail store. One thing for sure is that "Farmhouse Style" is coming on strong.  We love this style and believe it adds warmth and a sense of history to the very fresh, white and gray spaces that we have all been drawn to in the past few years.

To us, "farmhouse style" celebrates family - in open gathering spaces, with the kitchen as the heart of the home.  And, it celebrates history - with a found antique piece, a gallery wall of family photos or worn, wide-planked floors that were reclaimed from an old barn.  It offers easy, casual living where you don't have to be concerned about a few dings and scratches - those marks are celebrated.

After seeing this style in every showroom at Atlantasmart, it would be easy to go over the top with this trend.  We feel it's important to find a balance while bringing in some aged elements and blending it with fresh, updated pieces in a space.  To avoid becoming too theme-y, we like to create a "fresh farmhouse style" which offers all the modern conveniences of a new space while highlighting your family's history.

An easy way to add some farmhouse warmth to your space is to bring in textured baskets, distressed wooden tables or benches, greenery and boxwoods, old bottles and jars, and vintage-looking rugs.

Some structural ways to add farmhouse elements to your home is to install a rustic barn door, a large farm sink, wide planked hardwood flooring, open shelving or vintage light fixtures.  You can add texture to your walls or ceilings with ship lap, barn wood or rustic beams.


Once you have the key elements in your room, it's time to layer in home accents.  Here are some items we carry at Grace Hill which can add that "fresh farmhouse" feel to your home.


So, go ahead and bring in a few pieces to warm up your space and honor your family's history.  Add a striped rug in your entryway.  Feature a photo wall up your stairs.  Use a wicker basket to hold magazines.  All of these items make your home cozy and inviting. Have fun!

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