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Designing Joyful Spaces

color, joyful, welcoming, layered, personal, uplifting, fresh

We have been listening. We’ve heard you walk into our Artisan Tour homes, a project reveal or our retail shop in Wayzata, Minnesota.  And the reaction is often the same, “Hi – I just wanted to stop by my 'happy place'."

Now, you know that makes US so happy to hear!  And, we started listening to what you enjoy about our projects and our store.  The words you are using consistently –  joyful, welcoming, fresh and uplifting.

Those feelings are intentional, and they are the core values of our design work.  

We want your home to be a place you love – it should inspire you, calm you, be a place for togetherness, and also a retreat. It is a one-of-kind expression of your family.  It is not cookie cutter.  It is personal.

Whether it's color, fabrics, patterns or lighting – we select design elements and layer them together to create a mood when you are in the space.


living room decor, colorful decor, colorful pillows, throw pillows, designer pillows


Color creates an energy. 

There are energizing colors that are lively, saturated and clear – those colors have a lightness to them versus a muddiness.  We tend to use very crisp, clean colors in our designs and our product selections at Grace Hill because of the happy, light and airy feeling they evoke – they are uplifting.

Color can also be very calming, moody and enveloping – like a warm hug.  Those colors have a de-saturation which means another color has been mixed with it, such as white or black.  As you might guess, we often use colors that are desaturated with whites versus blacks.  A very pale blue can be the perfect color for a calming bedroom and look like a reflection of the sky.  But, it can still feel fresh and light instead of a more gray-blue which creates a moodier feel.


primary bedroom decor, blue bedroom decor, soothing bedroom decor, calming bedroom



Creating a welcoming home is very intentional.  

One of the most important ways to draw someone into your home is the share some of yourself the minute your guests walk in the front door. We help tell your story and make your space personal with artwork, collections, photos, books, or items from your travels.  It might be a talking point like a brass monkey end table to a painting of one of your favorite vacation spots.

An open, welcoming furniture plan with seating designed for conversation and a flow that is spacious enough to “invite someone into the room” is important too.  

Light is also known to draw people into a space whether it’s a great view with tall windows or the warm glow of a chandelier – these are design elements we work with to set the tone.


foyer, entryway, welcoming entry, colorful foyer decor



Togetherness, making memories and celebrations with “your people” are critical to how your family lives in your home.  

We like to create an ambiance of celebration.  Whether its a birthday party or just a family game night, we want to set the stage with music (sound systems), scents (candles and food), lighting and interaction.  We all know people love to linger around the Kitchen island, so those counter stools need to be comfortable and easy to pull up at seat.


counter stools, blue counter stools, grace hill counter stools, entertaining


Entertaining should be fun, and having the right basics make it easier to pull off.  We have an obsession with floral vases, serving ware, colorful glasses, charcuterie boards, and all things linen – like patterned napkins, tablecloths, and coasters.  When you have bright, colorful serving ware and a great beverage tub – your table will always look great!


blue and white wine cooler, wine bucket, blue and rattan wine bucketrattan glassware, entertaining glasswarefarm plank charcuterie board, white charcuterie board, farm plank, entertaining, cheese boardrattan wine cooler, wine cooler, entertaining wine coolerchip and dip platter, blue bamboo serving platterblue and white block print napkins, blue and white tablecloth, block print table cloth 


As you can see, we take “fun” very seriously.  The homes we design for our clients’ families, our store in Wayzata, and our online e-commerce site – we strive to bring you joyful, welcoming places to inspire and uplift you.  And, whether you work with our design team or shop on your own – we hope you find things that tell your personal story, are unique to your home and bring you joy!



This blog post is just an introduction on the tools we use to design joyful spaces.

I will be teaching an Online Course on "How To Design Joyful Spaces" in the near future.

If you want to be kept up-to-date on course information such as timing, cost and how to enroll, please click here and we will add you to our "Joyful Spaces Design Course" info email List.

Please add my name to your email list about your upcoming Online Course "How To Design Joyful Spaces".






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  • Great blog about your store, culture and your intentional process that makes for very happy homes!

    Craig Patterson on

  • Your shop is the most inspiring starboard of almost anywhere I have been. I have sent so many people I know over to see what you offere and get started on projects. It just feels “happy “spending time in your server.

    Mary Everett on

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