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Taxes & Design – 5 Reasons To Work With A Professional

I had a huge sigh of relief when I dropped off the 10-lb box of tax prep files to my CPA, and it reminded me of the important benefits of using a professional...and, how those same benefits translate to my industry – Interior Design.

Could I struggle through preparing my own taxes this year? Definitely, but I would undoubtably not end up with the same result. In fact, it's safe to say that I would not even save money in doing it on my own. The reasons to work with professionals, whether it be taxes or design, always exceed your expectations.


#1: Expertise on Comfort, Feel & Quality

As an interior designer, we travel to Furniture and Home Markets twice a year spending a week at each one – sitting in furniture, meeting with reps, seeing ALL the new trends and products.  Not only do we go through hundreds of showrooms in search of the perfect home furnishings, we sit on every sofa and chair, take photos and notes on the depth, comfort and feel of each piece. And, look it up and down to truly evaluate it's quality. We do this to make confident, knowledgeable recommendations to our clients when we present their design plans. 

dining room design, coastal dining room, blue dining room, thibaut grasscloth wallpaper, inside out dining chair fabric

#2: Trends & New Designs

At Grace Hill, we specialize in updated classic interiors so we are not often swayed by trendy items. But, that doesn't mean we don't take in changing color palettes, new features or find a new artisan that has created an original idea that would be perfect for one of our clients.

When working with a designer, you get to see the very newest products out there – the new fabrics and wallpapers, the new furniture styles and amazing light fixtures. This allows you to have a home that doesn't look like all the Pinterest photos you've already seen. It means your home will feature your style, because the resources are endless.

[This wallpaper is new from one of our favorite vendors, Thibaut – link here.]

thibaut wallpaper, green floral wallpaper

#3: Save Money & Avoid Mistakes

Just like an accountant who knows the ins and outs of saving money on tax forms. Designers can work magic with a budget by knowing where to save and where to splurge to get the best design for your budget.

I often walk into people's homes and they have pulled ideas from magazine pages for a room they have done on their own. It can be very pretty, but most likely the look could have been achieved at a lower cost. Designers know when to use that beautiful splurge fabric on a pillow and compliment it with an affordable one on the window treatments. Or, how to mix natural marble with ceramic tile to deliver that "wow" bathroom on a lower budget.

The other factor that saves money, and headaches – is avoiding costly mistakes. Buying a sectional that overpowers the room, or furniture that doesn't allow for the best floor plan and flow in a space can be extremely costly. Proportion and scale impact how the room feels, how welcoming it is, and how much you love it. Each piece in the room, from the rug to the light fixture needs to work together. Designers know how to pull off that balance – make it functional, comfortable and beautiful. Buy well, and you buy once.

marble tile, bathroom design, coastal design

#4: Relationships & Getting It Done

It's probably safe to assume that designing your living room is not a full-time job for you, and you don't have endless hours to shop, search online and create mood boards.  Take the burden off your shoulders and work with a designer to not only create a beautiful room, but to simply get it done...well.

Hiring a designer does not mean you don't have a voice in how your room should look. But, it does give you the opportunity to talk through what you want from your space, how you want to live in the room, and how the overall room should feel to you and your family. In the Pre-Design Phase, we go through a list of questions with you to really understand your needs and goals. Once the design is ready to present, we share the floor plan, all the furniture, fabrics and finishes, as well as the lighting, window treatments, rugs, artwork and accessories. You get the full visualization of the room to approve before we order.

As I'm sure you know, getting furniture, window treatments – really anything for the home has its challenges with long lead times in today's world. It's even hard to find a painter to show up and make a quick wall color change because contractors are so booked out. Fortunately, we work with contractors that we trust, do excellent work and show up for us – as we do for them. We also work with manufacturers to place and track orders through the longer-than-expected lead times to keep projects on track. Unfortunately, the job doesn't stop when the order is placed – there is follow up, product acknowledgements, production schedules, shipping and delivery logistics. But, don't worry – placing orders, confirming the details, checking the schedules – every task through installation is handled by us so you don't have to worry about any of it.

crystal chandelier, visual comfort chandelier, dining room, dining room chandelier, crystal and brass chandelier

#5: The Wow Factor & The Big Reveal

Our mission is to design and deliver beautiful homes that bring our clients joy…where they can live comfortably, make memories and enjoy entertaining their family and friends. Every project is custom designed for the homeowner – we think through how they make dinner, how they get the kids out the door in the morning, where they wind down at night and how they feel when they walk in the room.

We are also most likely going to push you out of your comfort zone a bit. The reason you hire us is to bring you new ideas for a room that you may have struggled with – maybe it's adding something architecturally, or switching up the focal point in the space. We think through the many, many possibilities to best fit your lifestyle.

With your direction, and our creativity, expertise and resources – working with a designer can be a fun and rewarding experience...with the very best outcome.

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