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2021 Interior Design Trends We Have Always Loved

grace hill dining room

Let's be honest, we are all happy to see 2020 in the review mirror.  And with that – comes hope, excitement, gathering with loved ones, and getting back to enjoying the things we took for granted. The encouraging vaccine rollout has us feeling like the 1st day of Spring when you put your sunglasses on and drive with the windows down.

A feeling of hope is transforming homes, as people are craving color, and life, and comfortable luxury. Today, home is more important than ever, and people want their homes to be a place they love to spend time in and that brings them joy. This is not a new trend to Grace Hill – it's the way we have always approached design for our clients.

Here are the 2021 interior design trends we have always loved, and we are happy to see in the forefront of design today.

Comfort + Luxury 

People are craving lush, luxury fabrics that not only feel good, but they can also stand up to kids, pets and everyday living. The number of performance fabrics that now come in fun colors, soft velvets, and great prints has grown exponentially. We especially love Thibaut's line of Inside Out fabrics and F.Schumacher's line of performance velvets.

Thibaut Inside Out Fabric

Plush comfort can also be found in quality cushions. We design our client's furniture with upgraded Bliss Down or Spring Down-wrapped cushions to stand up over time, and give you that extra "cush" as you sink into your sofa. This Envision series sofa from Vanguard Furniture in a performance fabric is perfect for comfortable seating.

vanguard furniture envision sofa

Color = Hope, Life & Joy

Color can evoke emotions and people physically respond to it - it can actually make you smile. Bright and crisp colors give you energy and increase productivity.  And, just like people who wear color appear more approachable, color makes a room feel accessible and welcoming. We balance touches of color throughout rooms that connect with each other.

grace hill living room pink accents

Florals + Plants

Just like the very popular floral dresses in fashion right now, floral is having a major moment across several design elements in the home – wallpaper, fabrics, pillows, artwork, lighting, rugs. It's a way to bring several colors together and makes a room feel alive and fresh.

In addition to these design elements, we like to add floral arrangements and live plants to rooms to bring the outdoors in.

grace hill dining room with floral wallpaper

Natural Materials

We often feature elements made of rattan, shells, jute and linen in our designs. The natural materials and connection to nature makes a room feel comfortable and casual.

We especially love this gorgeous chandelier by Palecek made of hand strung coco beads that we just brought into the store.

Updated Traditional with Layered Personal Style

People are complicated beings. And, they are interested in "telling their story" by showcasing their spirited sense of style.

Younger generations of new homeowners are returning to the traditional style homes they grew up in because it feels nostalgic and comfortable to them – although, they are designing with an "updated traditional" look. It is a more casual, approachable design style – but it is also layered with personal items such as artwork, photos and collections that celebrate their history and uniqueness.

Traditional furniture frames with updated performance fabrics and traditional rugs that are made to look worn for a relaxed feel (and, are not the costly investment pieces their parents owned) are mixed with other modern elements like art and lighting to keep it feeling fresh.

grace hill traditional home

Multi-Purpose Rooms Are Key

Home offices, classrooms, exercise rooms, craft areas, extra bedrooms for extended family, rooms to get away and rejuvenate, entertaining spaces – our homes have to work hard for our families. The open concept floor plans of the past have people looking for ways to carve out places to get away from the noise and chaos, and they need flex spaces that work in different ways throughout the day.

This goes for furniture too – pieces that can be used for multiple purposes such as a dining table that also works as a craft table and a desk, or cubes that offer extra seating are always great pieces for today's families.

Here, we made a landing at the top of the stairs, which was functioning as a hallway before, into a great reading/lounge area for the kids – adding an extra "room" to the home.

Because we love to design with color, pattern, luxe fabrics and natural materials that work across many rooms with multiple purposes – we are thrilled to see these trends continue to gain a stronger presence in today's homes! 

grace hill mudroom thibaut fabric

These are just some of the beautiful design trends we are seeing in 2021. Stay tuned for more design inspiration by following us on social media and through our monthly emails.

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xoxo, kristi





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  • I had a round rattan ottoman like that in 1969!

    Davis on

  • I had a round rattan ottoman like that in 1969!

    Davis on

  • I love EVERYTHING about your design and use of color. Cannot wait until June when I’ll be in wayzata for my sons wedding

    Suzanne Schissler on

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