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Our Playhouse In Live Auction for the Orono Foundation on Saturday

So excited to share the progress on our custom designed and built 10' x 8' x 10' playhouse.  A lot to be done by Saturday, but we are moving right along.  Gordon James has been busy building the playhouse, as Grace Hill sews custom curtains and works on custom upholstered kids' furniture and accessories.  The house will be all decked out in green and navy furnishings.


A pint-size Dutch Door in kelly green welcomes visitors to this magical playhouse.  Inside, this kids' space can be used as a meeting place with friends, a tea party with guests or a quiet getaway.  

We can't wait to get inside to bring all the furnishings and treasures to make this the perfect place for kids' imaginations to run wild.


And, what does a high style space use for lighting - a crystal chandelier of course!


The live auction item will be featured at the Orono Foundation Blue & Red Bash with proceeds going to educational funding for Orono Schools.  The playhouse will be outside the Lafayette Club for the Blue & Red Bash and is available to be delivered immediately to your home.  Wouldn't your kids or grandchildren love building memories in this special playhouse?!

Designed, built and furnished by Gordon James Construction and Grace Hill Design, with the help of S&S Painting and materials from Shaw Stewart Lumber and Shaughnessy Flooring.  



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