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How To "Dress" Your Bar Cart

Bar carts are one of our favorite furniture pieces because they are simply so versatile!  Not only are they stylish ways to serve cocktails, but they can be pulled up as a server with snacks or desserts.  They make great end tables and night stands.  And, they also look fantastic in a bathroom with towels, soaps and a candle.

To style a bar cart, think of all the "tools" you need at your fingertips when entertaining - decanters, glassware, bottle and wine openers, a cutting board and knife with lemons and limes, plates, napkins and your favorite cocktail recipe book.  We also love to fresh cut flowers or a floral on the cart to add color and height.

A tray makes a good addition because you can take it while you mingle to serve others or pass appetizers.

 Glassware is a great way to add gold or silver accents.  Many bar glasses come with patterns or monograms.  A variety of glasses on your cart is always a good idea.

Here's one of our favorite recipes from the Vintage Cocktails recipe book, available at Grace Hill.  Happy entertaining!!


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