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Is "happy" a design style? At Grace Hill, we say "it is!"

"This house just feels happy", was the first comment most visitors told us when they walked in the door to our 2018 Artisan Tour home.  They shared a big smile and said the home "felt welcoming, happy and fresh".  That got us thinking - is "happy" a design style?  For the past 7+ years, that is how people have described our style at Grace Hill.  Whether it's walking into our store/design studio where people tell us it's their "happy place".  Or, reviewing our design ideas for their project - people say the colors, the style and the overall feel is "happy".

There are several ways we inject "happy" into a space.  Color is an obvious one.  Choosing fresh, light colors impacts the feel of a home. But also, finding colors that really speak to your personal style is also important. On this project, we custom blended paint colors on site until we found the perfect mix that felt right.

Who could be happier with his Dutch Door than this guy, giving him a view while he hangs out in the Mudroom?

Setting the tone of the home impacts its "happy vibe". A welcoming entrance with a bit of whimsy in the "hello" rug sets a casual, relaxed feel when people stop by.

Family-friendly furniture, an open floor plan and colorful fabrics also add to the welcoming feel of a home. Here, we chose a pop of color with some raspberry accent pillows and a bold floral fabric on captain's chairs in the dining area.

Creating the perfect entertaining spaces definitely make people feel welcome in a home - like your home is designed for happy gatherings. Open shelves, a walk in pantry and an amazing kitchen with appliances built for entertaining sends the message that you enjoy having people over and creating happy memories.

Speaking of great entertaining spaces, the indoor/outdoor features on this Screened Porch make it the perfect place to host summer get togethers or watch Fall football games.  The heated floors and grand fireplace will extend the entertaining season well into our Minnesota winters.

Designing those entertaining spaces makes it easier to host friends and family gatherings. When a space feels like you can pull up a chair or help yourself to a beverage without any fuss - it's inviting and makes your guests feel happy to be there.

As we work with our clients, we ask them a lot about how they want to live in their home.  What are their hobbies and what special rooms would make their home more livable for their family? Craft rooms with custom storage built in or laundry rooms with some character and whimsy make a home happy. (And, hopefully make those tasks more enjoyable.)

Artwork can also set a happy tone.  Finding that piece that speaks to our client and adds some whimsy can bring a smile each day as they live in their home - always our objective. :)

We love to use messaging to bring a smile to people's faces - with art, a rug or a simple message on a hand towel. Making people feel special creates happiness.

Blending color and pattern can bring a room from bland to bold. This room was designed as a gathering place for the kids, so we chose a mix of unexpected patterned carpet, cozy furnishings and happy colors. There wasn't a room in this house that didn't have that "happy" feel infused into it.

We hope this home makes you as happy as it made us!!  Tell us if you think "happy" is a design style for you.



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  • This home is spectacular! I love everything about it, especially the beautiful pup hanging out on that gorgeous dutch door!

    Susie Overbye on

  • Ah yes! I just LOVE Grace Hills style!!! EVEN EVERY EMPLOYEE LOOKS THE PART…JOYFUL!!!!!!
    Have a wonderful Day Grace Hill!!
    Vicki Bartley..

    vicki Bartley on

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