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Fall Updates for Your Home

It's officially October and time to "Fall It Up" in your home.  We are often asked "how do I make my house feel ready for the colder months, but keep it feeling fresh and updated?" Simple additions can help you bring in coziness and warmth.   To illustrate this, we pulled a color pallet and fabrics which do both - it features texture, light colors and rich fabrics.



First, add texture with furry pillows, soft alpaca throws and rattan trays.  We are obsessed with these custom made soft fur pillows. 

When selecting fabrics for the colder months, choose textured wools and cozy flannels. To keep the room fresh, yet seasonal - we choose those fabrics in lighter colors like this sky blue sofa in a soft flannel fabric.  It also features a light painted leg with a chrome caster.

White or a bright cream is essential to every room when pairing with darker colors.  This stripe features navy and charcoal gray - but also cream and sky blue.  This mix keeps it fresh versus too wintery.

Don't forget to layer in your accessories.  Rattan trays, Fall scented candles and white pumpkins look great on a cocktail table. 

Happy Fall - have fun decorating!!




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  • Gorgeous ideas…again!
    and there are those lovely checks again!!!!

    vicki bartley on

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