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How To Decorate Your Tree Like a Pro

We absolutely love the holidays and to be honest, we have been playing Christmas music since November 1st.  With 5 trees and the store decked out for the holidays, we get a lot of questions about how we decorate our trees.  Each year, there is a "new look" for each of our trees so we thought we'd share some of our ideas for the classic tree in our front window.

We love a flocked tree because it really makes the ornaments pop, but a classic green Frasier Fir is a favorite too.  After adding lights, we start with the decor...

Step #1:  Classic Ribbon

This year, we stocked spools of classic plaid ribbons.  Nothing says "the holidays" like a Tartan plaid.  One spool can go a long way and add a lot of character if you cut it in 12" strips and simply tie the ribbon around a branch. Place the ribbon ties throughout the tree to provide the 1st layer.

Step #2:  Place Large Balls To Set Your Color Pallet

We love to use large gold and red balls to place inside toward the tree's trunk to bring in consistent color as the "base" to the other decor.  There are several color schemes that work beautifully together - white, silver & gold, blush and gold, green & red with gold, silver & blue.


Step #3: Add Texture with Greens & Berries

Greens and berries add both color and texture to the tree.  They help "break up" all the ornaments and almost creates a sense of organization to the tree, so it doesn't look messy.  (Don't skip this step - they add a lot to the overall look.)

Step #4 - The Fun Ornaments

Have fun with ornaments to bring your personality and family's traditions to your tree's scheme. We love to give ornaments as gifts to help friends and family build their own collections.  They make great "gift toppers" too - tied on holiday packages with a ribbon.

Once you think you are done, add TWICE AS MANY ornaments - trees that are packed, packed, packed are so festive and fun!  

That's all it takes to make a beautiful tree the centerpiece of your home during the holidays. (We have been known to add a tree or two to other rooms in our homes if we want to have different color schemes, too.)

Enjoy decorating!! And, happy holidays!!




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  • Thank you for these great tips. Can’t wait to get started!!!

    Anne Smith on

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