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3 Big Ways an Empty Nest Brings New Design Opportunities

primary bedroom update, coastal colors

Life has been busy – and you've put your needs and your home projects on hold while saving for college, spending dinner hours at the soccer fields or shuttling kids from one activity to another. Who's had time to focus on your home? Well, it's finally your time to start dreaming of those projects!

#1 – Sensational Style that is Finally Focused on Your Needs

You may have time to travel a bit more now, and those vacation spots can influence your design choices. Many of our clients are excited to lighten, brighten and refresh the spaces that have long served as homework zones, or makeshift knee hockey rinks. 

primary bathroom update, coastal colors

Don't feel guilty about taking back those spaces for your own personal use. You may want to finally make that Master Bedroom and Bathroom the sanctuary you've always deserved.  And, look through your home to find a space that could become your work space – your home hub to stay organized and inspired.

home office

#2 – Repurposed Rooms for Old Hobbies or New Interests

A spare bedroom can now become your work station or a craft room. I've always dreamed of a "Wrapping Room" – my great aunt had one when I was growing up and we spent Christmas in their home.  It seemed like such a luxury, but all it takes is a small space to customize with all the pretty papers, ribbons, boxes and a beautiful way to organize and display it all.

craft room with wrapping station


A new design in your lower level can shift from a room of mismatched furniture that used to withstand kids jumping on it, to a really pulled together, comfy cozy space to binge Netflix or host a Girls Night In.

Maybe even bump into the Utility Room to create a new Wine Room – a much more fun use of the space!

lower level family room
rustic wine room

#3 – Functional Features for Ease Now and in the Future

Now that you can reclaim your space – it doesn't mean that we have to be impractical. Performance fabrics are always a key design element for our clients so they don't have to worry about spills or messes. We all still have dogs, kids coming home to visit, and hopefully someday – grandchildren. So we continue to design with practicality and purpose. We love working with @Thibaut_1886 because their exclusive @insideoutperformancefabrics have such great color and style, while feeling soft and luxurious. 

In this new stage, we can focus on the things that bring YOU joy in your house. The way your Kitchen remodel is designed for every day as well as those extended family Thanksgiving dinners. The way you feel when you retreat to your updated Master Bedroom in the evenings. It's time to make your home work for your needs now. So, dream a little – you certainly deserve it!

If you're ready to create an empty nest all about YOU, reach out to us. We can't wait to hear about your project for this new chapter.


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