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Grace Hill Styling Package

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You’ve got the basics – the neutral sofa and the comfy chairs, but you just don’t have that finished space that you see on Pinterest or Instagram. We’ve got you! Styling is our “special sauce” – the way we make a home feel inviting, happy and pulled together in a fresh, cohesive way. To achieve the Grace Hill Style expect to spend a minimum of $3,500.00 in home furnishings. This service is strictly accessories and styling and does not include furniture.

A 1-Day Transformation with a Big Reveal!

Our Styling Package starts with the furnishings you have and layers in all the beautiful things that give your room personality.

1. Design Questionnaire

The Design Questionnaire identifies your design needs, key issues with your space, goals you’d like to address, and questions that help us determine your design style prior to us starting the Styling Package. Questionnaire must be submitted prior to scheduling Discovery Call.

2. Free Discovery Call

Your package begins with a Free Discovery Call where we personally connect with you to learn about your project scope, determine which design package best fits your needs, and review your budget in relation to your design goals for the project.

3. In-Home Designer Meeting

This is a “take it off my plate – I don't know how to accessorize” type of package. You love our Instagram because the rooms feel fresh and inviting. So, we handle it for you. We come out to see what you have in your room, take notes, get photos, measurements and swatches of your furniture. Then, we come back to GH to make a plan – for things like pillows, accessories, artwork, rugs, lamps/lighting, personalized accents. All the things that make your house a home.

A beautifully styled room takes quite a lot of nice furnishings. It’s often underestimated, and we don’t want you to come home to a room that doesn’t feel complete. Most of the spaces on our IG feed and portfolio can have $4,000 - $8,000 of accessories, depending on the space. We will discuss a recommended furnishings budget when we see your space so we can achieve the room you’ve dreamed of.

4. Install Day

(You can go run errands or pamper yourself while we’re working!)

Within 4 weeks of our initial in-home meeting, we will come with personally selected home furnishings that finish off your space with a cohesive color scheme, fabrics and textiles to make the furniture look fantastic, lighting that sets the ambience, artwork to add personality and the finishing touches you didn’t even know you needed.

5. The Big Reveal!

You get that big HGTV moment when you walk in and see the transformation. You live with it for 48 hours, then let us know if there are a couple items you don’t want to keep or want to switch out. The rest stays in your finished room and we charge your card. We’ll swing by and grab what’s not needed.

It’s a 1-day transformation that tackles what you’ve been struggling with for months. You are not home for this session, as it’s a mess, takes trial and error, and doesn’t look perfect until the last piece is in place, the artwork is hung and the pillows are fluffed. Then you can kick back and enjoy your completed space – it’s done and checked off your “to do list”.

*Bundle 3+ Spaces for a Custom Package Price!