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E-Design Package

$2,500.00 FEE PER ROOM

This package is a very condensed, focused way of working with our designers to get expert advice for a project you want to manage on your own. We tackle one room virtually, and provide you with a guide or a road map for you to implement.

Based on your measurements and room photos, we develop a floor plan, a concept board and a complete list of furnishings with pricing.

We provide recommendations based on our professional experience and vast resources available through Grace Hill. It is an efficient, limited use of a designer’s time because when the session is complete, you receive a Personal Consultation Report and are able to purchase and order furnishings through our studio/store directly.

1. Complete the E-Design Project Questionnaire

The E-Design Questionnaire identifies your design needs, asks about your challenges and style preferences to help us virtually design your space.

2. Design Phase

In this virtual design process, the designer reviews your goals, measurements and photos. Then, time is blocked off for the creative process of exploring a fabric scheme, furniture layout, and accessories needed to finish off your space. The designer will provide the best option for each design element with pricing and measurements. One round of input is included in the E-Design Package purchase.

3. Your Personal Consultation Report

In 4 weeks, you will receive our detailed design recommendations in a Personal Consultation Report– a road map that helps you implement your design on your own and guides you in making purchases through our store/studio.

The report gives you a clear path for bringing your design to life. It’s a great tool for your reference throughout your project. This is where we hand you the reins and the session is closed. There is no follow up after the report – you now have the strategies and confidence to run with it!