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Kristi Patterson - owner, principal designer

As a busy mom and entrepreneur, Kristi understands the value of creating a home that is comfortable, functional and the heart of the family. Working with clients, Kristi brings an updated classic look to a home that feels fresh, bright and happy. She works with every detail in a space to meet your family needs and make it inviting to watch a football game, enjoy your morning coffee or host Thanksgiving dinner.

“My favorite things to change in a space are paint color and lighting. Nothing else can impact the feel of a room more. Finishing touches are also so important — pillows, art, books, treasures, family pictures. That’s what makes a house a home. It makes it your home.”

Kristi wants to make a big impact on your space. She has helps people leap forward in their home’s style. She is involved in every detail through the completed look because a new look can’t be done half way.

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