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Complimentary In-Store Shopping Session


Do you shop at our store, but need a little one-on-one shopping advice to pick that family-friendly fabric for a new Grace Hill sofa? Or, want help choosing accessories for your cocktail table?

Schedule a complimentary shopping session with one of our talented sales associates to tackle one design challenge that’s had you stumped on just where to start.

In this 45-minute free session, you can work on pulling together some pillows for your sofa or look for a cozy chair to finish off the space. Because this fun session can pass quickly, please come with 1-2 priorities you would like to accomplish so you can use the time productively.

This is not a Full-Service Design Package where we can focus on providing a design plan for your entire space. But, it’s perfect for selecting a new piece of furniture or some beautiful accessories with some personal guidance. You’ll leave Grace Hill with confidence and the items you know will work great in the room! free session at Grace Hill Home in Wayzata

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1. Schedule your Free Session

Schedule an appointment for a 45-minute Complimentary Design Session at Grace Hill to meet with one of our talented team members. This session is perfect for customers who are looking to add a few new pieces to their space and would like one-on-one guidance in our Wayzata store and design studio.

2. Submit Your Homework

After you schedule your Complimentary Session, we’ll email you with a few questions about what you’re looking for and ask you to attach a couple of photos of your space.
The homework must be emailed to us 24 hours prior to your scheduled session.

3. In-Store Session with a Designer

Come to your scheduled session with your floor plan, photos of your space, and any fabrics that need to be considered. Your designer will give you advice on your design questions within your 45-minute session.

After your 45-minute session, or on your own timeline, you will be able to place your orders or make purchases through the Grace Hill retail store.